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Free Inspection: What To Expect

So you’ve booked a free inspection with us, what happens now? The first process is having a short chat with you to discuss your reasons for booking a free inspection. After we’ve established your concerns, we get to work.

Roof Inspection

roof repair

During a roof inspection, we will look for the telltale signs of a roof that has reached the end of its lifespan. These include shingle granule loss, torn shingles, shingles with broken bonding seals, and shingles that have popped up. Shingles pop up over time, with time the wood your shingles attach to expand and contract.
This action pushes nails upwards giving the shingle above the nail a “popped” look. This is a sure sign that it is time to think about replacing that worn out roof. Also, we will look at all roof vents and roof flashing to ensure they are still functional and watertight. We’ll also exam your roof for any storm damage. If there are signs we will discuss it with you to nail down the time frame the damage occurred. As there is a deadline for filing insurance claims for damage.

Siding Inspection

siding handSiding inspections generally go pretty quickly. We will do a walk around of your home to look for signs of aging like discoloration, cracks, check the tightness of the siding locking or fasteners, make sure all J channel as well as weep holes are not plugged and we’ll check the fit of your window wraps and corner posts. If we happen to notice any possible storm damage, we will let you know so that we can determine when the damage occurred. Unlike roofing, when siding is simply damaged and not worn out, a repair can be made which will save you money.

Gutter Inspection

new guttersGutters are an extremely important system. They protect your home in many ways such as keeping water away from your roof decking (wood), preventing water from streaking down your home’s walls, preventing costly ice dams in the Winter months, and directing water away from your home’s foundation. During the inspection, we will look for missing or improperly installed gutter fasteners, make sure that your gutters are properly pitched so that water drains freely, and look for broken seams. Once water finds a way behind your gutters, costly damage can occur quickly. Gutter replacement is relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of damages ineffective gutters can cause.


After we have looked at your home, we will meet with you to discuss what we’ve found and your options. We will give you a recommended course of action whether it be a full replacement or a repair. Of course, we would love to be the contractor you choose, but its smart to get second opinions. Our team member will then let you know what type of materials we use as well as show you samples of those materials. We will also work up an estimate for you whether it’s a repair or a replacement. Not every home we look at has issues, so you won’t get any high-pressure sales tactics from us. We are simply looking to protect our neighbor’s homes.

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