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What Happens To My Old Shingles?

We hear this question a lot from our clients. Installing a new roof produces several tons of waste. The materials include aluminum, plastic, asphalt, wood, and steel. At Toye Contracting we recycle nearly all of the old materials. Our crews separate materials on site while they tear off the old roof so that can go straight to the recycling center as soon as we’re done for the day. Shingle recycling is beneficial to everyone involved, us contractors get better disposal rates, and our clients get the peace of mind that their old roof won’t end up in a landfill.


How Are Shingles Recycled?

The Waste Commission of Scott County has put together a great short video explaining the recycling process, have a look and see how your old shingles can be re-purposed.

Roofing Responsibly

We at Toye Contracting are firm believers in being responsible, recycling is a big part of what we’re about. If you’re looking at getting a new roof or have more questions about how we recycle our shingles don’t hesitate to give us a call @ 844*733*8693 or by visiting our contact us page.

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