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Why Proper Roof Ventilation is Important

Roof ventilation is not something most people think about, but it is a very important part of your roofing system. Since we only service clients in the Illinois and Wisconsin area, we will focus on venting issues that arise in this climate. The purpose of roof ventilation is to mainly keep heat from building up underneath your roof deck. In the hot summer months, heat build-up can cause premature aging to your roof as well as higher cooling bills. If heat is trapped in your attic during the cold winter months it can cause snow or ice to melt during the day that refreezes at night along with your eaves. Here we will go over some of the scenarios that can occur when your roof is not properly vented.

Ice Dams

Roof ice damAs I mentioned above, ice dams occur when snow or ice melts on your roof surface and flows down towards your eaves and gutters. This can cause refreezing along the eave of your roof. We contractors install protective measures against ice dams such as drip edge, fascia, and weatherlock underlayment. However, if your roof is not properly vented ice dams can still form. If you’re having issues with ice along the eaves of your home, contact a local contractor to inspect your roofing system.

Heat Build Up

hot roofExcess heat can cause a number of problems for your home’s roof system. It can cause costly utility bills due to heat build up near your ceiling. Your home cooling system will have to work overtime to fight this heat build up. If you find that your cooling system is running much more during the day than it does at night you may have a ventilation issue. To check this, monitor how often your cooling system kicks on and off on a day in which the day and night temperatures are close in degrees. Another issue caused by excess heat is premature roof wear. To read about some of these issues, please click here.

How Venting Works

Your roof takes in fresh air through its soffit and vents it either via box vents or ridge vents. This system ensures that your roof has a constant air flow. Your roof will vent regardless of wind due to the dynamic of atmospheric pressure and temperature dynamics.

If you’re concerned that your roof may not be properly vented, give us a call. Toye Contracting would be happy to inspect your roof system at no cost to you. To book an appointment with one of our professionals, please call us @ 844-733-8693 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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