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south beloit storm damage

Protect Yourself From Predatory Contractors

A very large number of homes have sustained hail and wind damage this week leading to a flood of out of state contractors into our area. Most of these companies are here only to take your insurance money, perform a repair and never to be seen again. If you choose to use one of those contractors and you have problems with their installation, you’ll never hear from them again. To ensure your home is repaired properly, hire a local contractor that offers in-house warranties alongside any applicable product warranties. The following are some warning signs that the contractor you have met with might be a chaser.


High-Pressure Sales Tactics

These people go door to door enticing you to sign a contract on the promise that you will receive a free roof or siding repair. Once you sign you are limited to three days to opt out of the contract or you are stuck with them. They will put the absolute cheapest workers on your roof to maximize their profit. This leads to quality issues that will go unaddressed. To avoid this scenario, tell the salesman that you are not interested, and are hiring locally only.

Non Local Contractors

If a contractor shows up at your door and is in a truck or van with out of state plates or has graphics on the vehicle suggesting storm damage, they are probably a non-local chaser. Most of these contractors have non-local office numbers, Ask the contractor what their main office number is. If it’s the number is an area code you are not familiar with, tell the contractor you’re not interested.

Push To Sign A Contract Before An Inspection

No contractor worth their salt will show up and talk you into signing a contract without inspecting your roof and writing up a formal estimate, not just some ballpark figure. Many of these types of contracts are worded in a way to be non competing. By this I mean that this company has had you sign a document stating that they are the only company to perform the work on your home, locking you into a binding contract.

How To Avoid These Scammers

If someone shows up at your door after your home has received damage, ask where is their corporate office located. Also, ask for their main office number. Check to see if they belong to your local chamber of commerce. Also ask to see their state licensing, insurance, and bond information.  Legit local contractors will have no problem showing you this information and should have copies of these documents on hand. You may also look them up online to check their license. For Illinois: Click Here.  For Wisconsin roofers are listed as dwelling contractors, check here. Lastly, search their company name online to get a feel for what areas they service and how well they are reviewed. On their website, you should be able to see customer testimonials as well as pictures of past work. If you see none of this contact another contractor.

If your home has been damaged this week and you are looking for a local, reliable, and ethical contractor to give you a fair estimate, give us a call @ 844-733-8693 or fill out our contact us form.

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