Roofing Responsibly

certified green roofer

Green Roofing

We at Toye Contracting believe in keeping our world beautiful. That’s why we have worked hard to become a part of the green roofing movement. What is green roofing? As a certified member of the green roofing network, we take great care to recycle all your old roofing materials. Your old shingles won’t rot in some landfill, instead we take them to recycling centers. These centers break down your old shingles so that they can serve a new purpose. Most recycled shingles end up becoming the new roads we drive on every day.
Shingles aren’t the only material we recycle, we also recycle all metals and plastic products. By choosing us to care for your home, you’re choosing to help keep our world beautiful. Let’s work together to keep our planet clean and safe for our family and yours.