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Top 10 Tips For Hiring The Right Contractor

Your home is your castle, it is important to ensure you hire qualified contractors to work on your home. By following these 10 simple steps, you can confidently begin your home improvement project!


Make Sure You Ask For Credentials

There are many contractors out there that are working without proper licensing and insurance. When you meet any contractor, be sure to ask to see their professional licenses and insurance information. By doing so, you can be confident that the contractor knows what they are doing.

Check Online Reviews

The age of smartphones and internet access everywhere has made it hard for shady companies to hide. Reputable companies should be easy to find with a simple Google Search. If the company you search for has no easily accessible online reviews, consider that a red flag. For example, when you search for Toye Contracting, you will see multiple results from different websites that verify reviews. Here are some examples: Our website, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, and Facebook.

BBB Ratings Don’t Mean Anything

Unfortunately, the Better Business Burea isn’t what it used to be. The BBB is now a pay to play type of system. Companies can maintain a high rating simply by paying their dues even if they have numerous complaints. You will often see companies with multiple complaints and one positive review with an A+ plus rating.

Social Media Presence

Everyone is on some type of social media platform these days, businesses are no different. Have a look at their social media profiles to see how they engage their past and potential customers. This is also a great way to see some of the work they have performed.

Are They Local

When choosing a roofing or siding contractor, choosing a local company is important. Do a quick google search using the companies name. If they are easy to find locally and have one address listed on all sites, you can bet they are local.

Word Of Mouth

Even with all our fancy gadgets, word of mouth is still the best way to vet a company. Ask your friends or neighbors if they have heard of the company or the owners.

Check Out Their Work

Most local contractors are very proud of their work. Have a look at their website or social media accounts and take a look at their past work. If the company has an up to date work portfolio or recent job photos on social media, chances are high that they take pride in their work and aren’t afraid to show what they’re capable of.

Ask For Referrals

Referrals are a fantastic way to help you learn more about the contractor. Ask one of the company’s representative if they can provide you with any customer referrals. Company’s that provide great work will have no problem providing you this information.

Active In The Community

Local contractors that are active in their local community are more likely to provide great service and quality craftsmanship. Are they members of any local groups like the local Chamber of Commerce? Do they sponsor or donate to local charities? Are they visible at local trade shows?

Do They Offer A Warranty

Any company that offers an in-house warranty on their work or more reliable than companies that do not. If a contractor mentions warranties, make sure to ask them if they are talking about a product warranty or a warranty on their work. These two are very different. Product warranties only cover the items the contractor installs in or on your home. In-house warranties cover the actual work the company does. A company that guarantees that they will fix any mistakes they might make is a company you can trust!


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