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Why We Use Owens Corning Products

Owens Corning shingles and accessories offer the best protection package for your roof. Since we warranty our craftsmanship, it’s important to us that we install products we can trust! Not only are they great looking, but they also outperform most other asphalt based shingle brands. They also have a fantastic warranty program that when combined with our workmanship warranty, gives you peace of mind. Here are some of the reasons we love Owens Corning:


Shingle Variety

Owens Corning offers a wide variety of shingles fit for any budget and design. Their most popular shingles are in the Oakridge and Duration lines. Some of their higher priced shingle lines include Berkshire, Woodcrest, Woodmoor, Devonshire, and finally Supreme. Each line features many designs to restore your home’s beauty.


SureNail & Tru-Bond Technology

blankSureNail technology adds significant strength to your new roof installation. SureNail is a three-piece woven fabric which adds durability in high winds as well as grip. SureNail work hand in hand with their proprietary blend adhesive. When combined, you can rest easy when the wind picks up. This system is rated for winds up to 130 MPH!



Synthetic Underlayment

blankThe old school days of tar paper-based felt is over! Non-synthetic roofing felt is prone to tears, gets brittle over time, limited grip, and when fasteners are installed through it, it tends to tear. The new synthetic roof underlayments have none of those issues. Not only is it long-lasting, but it is also resistant to tears. For installers, synthetic underlayment allows them to work much more quickly. A single roll of synthetic is equal to 8 1/2 rolls of old paper felt.


WeatherLock G Ice and Water Shield 

blankWeatherLock is Owens Corning’s in-house ice and water product. Ice and water is a very important part of your roofing system. It helps to prevent ice and water build up underneath the shingles along your roof’s eaves. In hot weather, the product will self-adhere to your roof to provide a watertight seal! This helps to ensure proper water flow to your gutters a well as extra gripping power for starter shingles.


Starter Strip Plus

blankStarter shingles are the first shingles to be installed on your roof. Some contractors will use plain shingles as start strips, but we believe in doing the job the correct way. The starter is used to provide your new shingles a solid bond to ensure that wind won’t lift up or blow off the shingles on your eves and rakes. Speaking of rakes, unlike other contractors, we install starter shingles on both your eaves and rakes for maximum wind resistance!


VentSure LTE Sky Runner Ridge Vent

blankWe come across a lot of roofs with poor ventilation. You can read how important proper ventilation is by clicking here. We prefer ridge venting as that is where all the heat and moisture end up. By installing ridge vent we allow fresh air to enter the attic and push the warm moist air out through the top of your roof! Ventsure LTE Sky Runner has internal baffling to keep rain and snow out while still providing channels for heat and moisture to escape.

In Review

We take pride in installing these fantastic products on our clients’ roofs. We don’t sell roofs, we sell roofing systems, with all of these components installed your roof will work as a system, not just a layer of shingles. So, not only will your new roof look beautiful, but it will also protect your home for years to come!

If you are interested in a new roof, contact us by calling 844-733-8693, or visit our Contact Us page.

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