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Why It’s Important To Book Home Improvement Project Before Spring

Step One

If you have plans on getting estimates or are set on getting your home improvement project done this year, Winter is a great time for planning. The extra time allows you to contact several contractors to narrow down a price range and weed out the bad contractors through vetting.

Step Two

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of contractors, now you can start to compare and contrast the materials suggested by the contractors. This is a very important step, material quality varies wildly. You may get one contractor suggesting a cheaper brand at a price that would call for superior materials. Do your own research on materials and material types to narrow down your contractor selection even further.

Step Three

By this point, you should have a contractor selected. Now you and your contractor can really start talking about all the odds and ends of your project so that surprises are at a minimum. It doesn’t matter how old or new a home is, there are always problems that pop up from time to time. So be sure that your contractor is ready to tackle any problems that may come up during the building phase.

Step Four Pricing

Every March 1st material prices almost always go up. If you and your contractor are comfortable with each other, now is the time to sign. If you were to book with us before the March 1st, you would be locked in at 2017 pricing vs the 2018 price hikes. You can save a significant amount of money by booking before March 1st.

Final Step

Now that you have signed a contract, you will be placed on a build schedule. By booking early, in most cases, your build would be one of the first of the Spring. Having your project completed in early Spring is ideal as it gives you plenty of time to look over and ensure that work was done properly, or if there are some minor repairs that need to be made.


From a contractor’s standpoint, we love when clients book early. It gives us plenty of time to discuss the many options available to our clients. Here at Toye Contracting, if you book your project with us before March 1st, we will honor the 2017 pricing and save you money! The cooler temps in early Spring allows our crews to work fast and efficiently. Since we off an in-house workmanship warranty, you’ll have plenty of time to look over your completed project for possible errors or minor repairs.

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