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Your Roof May Be Leaking!

A roof leak can be pretty sneaky, like mice, water will find a way in overtime. Weather extremes and seasonal changes increase the risk of a roof leak developing. It is important to hire a local roofing contractor like Toye Contracting that offers 24/emergency repair and leak repair services. A roof leak can cost you a lot of money, most time the leak will go unnoticed until your attic insulation is fully saturated and dripping onto your ceiling. This type of situation sets up a perfect environment for mold to thrive.

Your home is your castle if you suspect or think you may have a roof leak, hire Toye Contracting to repair your roof, and inspect your insulation for water saturation. Below, is a photo of a chimney leak that we fixed back in late fall 2017.

In this photo, you can see the amount of damage caused by a leaky roof. Not only did we have to remove a beautiful cobblestone wrapped chimney, but we also had to remove roof decking and a significant amount of shingles. On this home, we had to completely rebuild and restructure the chimney due to the rotting of load-bearing braces, and rebuild rotten trusses. This repair not only caused significant exterior damage, it also caused severe interior drywall damage, mainly in the garage thankfully. This roof repair was extensive and expensive for the homeowner. I post this as an example of what can happen if you ignore a leak for too long or are unaware of the leak.

To avoid situations like the one above, it is important to take up local roofing contractors on their free inspection offers. It costs you nothing and gives you peace of mind.


If you suspect your home may have a leak, gives us a call @ 844-733-8693 or head to our Contact Us page.

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